Next to the question,”Is that a folding canoe?” or an astonished “look, a paper ship”, we are regularly asked the question on the water: “How heavy is your canoe?”. The answer to this is easy. Very light!

Thanks to the honeycomb-like structure of polypropylene, the ONAK is extremely stable and weighs only 17 kg. This is not only noticeable during transport. We always refer to it as a large “pull cart” when it is folded up. But even after the assembly the boat is very handy. So handy that you can lift it up on your own, as you can see in the photo below.

17 kg total weight – a lightweight

Here we have put together a few photos for you, which show how we put the flat skin into a canoe shape.

first, both aluminium profiles are attached laterally

the seats are hung up and the boat is shaped like a shell

You see: the material is very stable

next, the first nose of the boat is pulled together

the straps are retightened

then half of the setup is already done and you start with the same steps at the other end.

ready and clear

Manchmal Steuermann, oft Vordermann. Immer viel Spaß auf dem Wasser mit unserem ONAK.

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