Ponys am Ufer

Once again there was a nice summer day in Hamburg, which literally called for the ONAK to go on the water. So it was time to get off early and head towards the Gose Elbe. You know, we are pretty fast out of Hamburg and on the branch of the Elbe. This time we thought about exploring the upper part of the river. The Gose Elbe can be navigated for about 16 km. So there was plenty of ground to cover.

According to Faltboot. org, in the upper part of the river there is only a small footbridge next to the Hein-Wulff-Bridge. But keep your eyes open: As it turns out on our next tour, this is not a public deployment centre, but is located on private property.

The river slowly narrows after entering and becomes flatter. Sometimes we used to paddle across the bottom and swirled up the sediment. But the rejuvenation provides for some really beautiful romantic passages, especially when the river is overgrown with trees whose canopy of leaves causes the sun’s rays to fall in.

We passed herds of cows and paddocks and were always followed with curious glances of the animals. So often no white canoe comes along on the water. Speaking of “white.” Shortly after the starting point we met a lonely swan, which we didn’t seem to be too cautious either. He set off upstream to swim away from us – and so he swam 3 kilometres ahead of us. At some point, however, his evasive manoeuvre was abruptly stopped by a pair of swans with offspring. The other male puffed up and our confused friend was stuck in a jam. We drove with the ONAK to the far right bank. The swan understood and passed us. In the meantime, the couple swam upriver with his boys and made us free for the last kilometre.

And then comes the point where the Gose Elbe became so narrow and flat that we stopped because we had to worry about A) running aground and B) had no room to turn the ONAK around. In this beautiful spot, between reed and paddock, the natural end of the trail was used for a break and enjoyed the rest before it went back.

Once again it was a great end of the day, which the ONAK gave us.


Achterdiek-Bridge (also called Hein-Wulff-bridge)

Aufbau des ONAK

last check of the straps

Licht und Schatten

light and shadow

überwachsene Gose Elbe

nice canopy of leaves

überwachsene Gose Elbe

canopy of leaves

wild bewachsenes Ufer

wildly overgrown bank


nice snack: blackberries

Ponys am Ufer

Watching like a horse: 2 ponies

Wiesen und Schilfufer

Meadows and reed banks

Anlegestelle im Sonnenschein

The sun at the dock


Final cleaning: we wipe the ONAK clean & dry before folding.

Gose Elbe, Tour

The tour at a glance

Manchmal Steuermann, oft Vordermann. Immer viel Spaß auf dem Wasser mit unserem ONAK.

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