We were excited about this day: the thermometer breaks through the 20 degrees for the first time this year and the sun can spread out on a bright blue sky. Where elsewhere the racing bikes were rummaged out of the winter shed or the first laps were done with the motorcycle, we threw the ONAK canoe into the car to celebrate the start of the season on the water.

Our 10th canoe tour took us to the Trave, north-east of Hamburg. Shortly before Lübeck. Not far from the A1 direction, in Klein Wesenberg is a good starting point, but it was still in hibernation. The jetty was still in the country. Nevertheless, we succeeded in launching the boat and putting it to sea.

The Trave challenged us, for the first ride after the winter break, with a quite high flow velocity. But it’s like a mountain: come up, you can roll down. You know how the tour went. Powerfully paddled against the current, halfway on another break, with final spurt then to the turn mark and then the moment when the boat begins to drift silently downstream without our help. A dream.

For us it was also the first tour ever where the river banks were still tanned in winter. No lush green, quite reserved nature and the water… cold. But this combination with the first rays of the sun and the blue sky was great fun.

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Ahead: Klein Wesenberg with the insertion point

Waves & Wind

Light & Shadow

Remains of winter: a overturned tree that brought a good countercurrent

not recognizable but there: hares

A little more green would do the picture good.

The jetty still without wooden footbridge, but with sediments of the flood

2018 season opener: the ONAK is ready.

On the Trave from Klein Wesenberg

Manchmal Steuermann, oft Vordermann. Immer viel Spaß auf dem Wasser mit unserem ONAK.

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