Recently we experimented a little bit and during a dry run we clamped our camera on a tripod. This enabled us to document every single action at the ONAK – from the closed box to the finished folding canoe. From the single pictures we have made this little video for you, where you can see how easy it is to get the boat ready for take-off. By the way: you will find more videos on our Youtube channel here…

On the ONAK Canoes website you will also find the assembly instructions for downloading..

A few more tips, which we were told by the makers of the ONAK: Make sure that the fuselage runs as tapered as possible, i. e. without any curve. The straps in the bow and stern should be tight enough to sound like a guitar string when you pluck them. On the below mentioned Photo you can see by looking at the buckles how tightly we have lined up the straps.

Furthermore, we have received a good indication of how strong the side fold should be: 2 fingers wide.

And last but not least: make sure that the canoe is evenly built. It should be as straight as possible to have optimal driving and control characteristics. The best way to test this is to target the tips as a rear sight & front sight and target the shoes of the V-brace.

With that, nothing should stand in the way of your paddling fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us….

Make sure that the tips run as straight as possible.

leave space for two fingers

pay attention to a straight line between bow and stern

Manchmal Steuermann, oft Vordermann. Immer viel Spaß auf dem Wasser mit unserem ONAK.

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